Ticket Scanning App

Every ticket created on Stage Stubs contains a unique QR code. With the Stage Stubs mobile app, you are able to scan and track your tickets in the system, plus much more!

You can download the mobile app on the App Store and Google Play.

The app can only be downloaded if you already have a Stage Stubs Event Organiser account. You can log in to the app with your existing username and password. If you're new to Stage Stubs, you should create an account through the web version first.

Inside the app, there are 5 different sections: Scan, My Events, Search, History and Settings:

My Events also serves as a 'Home' screen and shows your live and upcoming events. From there, you can tap on the event and select showings to view their information:

Select the showing to see more information about it including the order details. You can also go into your today's showing from there and open the ticket scanner.

The Search screen is used to search for buyers by order ID, ticket ID, buyer name/surname/email:

The Scan screen is the most important feature of the app. It allows you to scan a QR code on the ticket and the app will automatically match this code with the tickets for today's events and show you the result. If the ticket is OK, it will show the ticket information in a green box with the scanned successfully message:

If anything is wrong, the box will show in red with a corresponding error message. This may happen if the ticket is invalid for the current showing or if it has already been scanned by another staff member:

If you have multiple staff members who check the tickets at the entrance of your event, the app can be used by all of them. The information about scanned tickets is recorded in the system automatically and shared with all app users in real time.

The History screen is where you can see your scanning history: scanning status, ticket ID, Scan Time, Event name, Buyer's name and email:

The Settings screen is where you can change your password, see the app version, Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions and of course, send a message to our support team if you require any assistance with the app features.