Ticket Booking Fee

The Booking Fee is charged by Stage Stubs per ticket at the checkout stage. The fee is applied on top of the ticket price based on the buyer's location. The location is detected automatically when you access Stage Stubs or can be selected manually on the site:

Once your location has been selected, go to the Pricing page to see the information about the relevant booking fee for your location:

The booking fees for European countries are the same (United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Spain, Italy, Germany) - 8% from the ticket price at the moment.

The booking fees for other countries are different - they include a fixed amount + percentage from the ticket price to cover the payment provider's processing fees:

You may use the Ticket Price Calculator on the pricing page to see how much the fee is going to be for your event attendees based on the ticket price:

Stage Stubs has a no refund policy regarding booking fees. So, if buyers request a refund for their order at some point, you can select whether or not you wish to refund the booking fee when you approve the refund. Should you select to refund it, this cost will be covered by yourself, and Stage Stubs will not compensate you for it.