Ticket Advertising

Maximize your revenue with sponsored adverts on your event tickets!

Ticket advertising is a way of promoting products or services on the tickets for events, concerts, and more. You can target your ideal customers based on their interests, location, and demographics.

Why ticket advertising? Well, for starters, this can be beneficial for both advertisers and you as event organiser. Advertisers get to increase their brand awareness, generate leads, and boost sales. When people buy or receive tickets, they usually keep them until the event date. That means, they are exposed to the advertiser's logo, slogan, or offer multiple times before and during the event. This can help create a positive association and recognition for the brand. Whereas ticket sellers or organisers get to earn extra revenue, enhance their image, and provide value to their customers.

With Stage Stubs, we provide templates for you to display not just one, not two, but three adverts on your event tickets!

This can only be done once the event is published!

Here's how:

From your dashboard, click View Event, or, if you want to add adverts to the latest event, you have or go to My Events section and click the View link of the event.

On the event page, you will find the Adverts section and click on it:

select tickets (10)

You can select how many ads will be shown on the downloaded tickets (none, one, two, or three). Below the block you will see the recommended image dimensions.

Single advert: 900 * 500 px
Two advert: 425 * 425 px (per block)
Three advert: 900 * 150 px (per block)

After uploading the image(s), just hit Save and you are golden!

Please note that if a customer has already downloaded a ticket before you've set the adverts up, they will have to download the same ticket again to see the adverts on it.