Seating Plan

Seating Plan is an interactive map of the venue which shows the row labels and seat numbers. This allows the attendees to select which seats they would like to purchase.

Seating plans are only created for paid events with allocated seating. You can provide an image of the plan or information about the seating arrangements. This image is used by our support team to draw a seating map for your event. While doing so, we take into account all the information that you provide in the seating plan details and pricing details when you create the event.

Here is the most important details that we need to create the seating plan:

  • A quality image or a scheme of the venue with all rows, seats or tables clearly visible and countable
  • An exact number of rows and seats in every section (in case there are multiple sections in the venue)
  • The number of accessible seats or wheelchair spaces in the venue (if available)
  • The information about seats that need to be added or removed in case the provided image of the venue differs from the actual seating configuration for your event
  • Detailed pricing information: ticket variations (adult/child or other), price difference by seating type (stalls price vs. balcony price, etc.), age limitation on the show (if any), a possibility of free entrance (e.g. for children under 3 if they don't occupy a separate seat, etc.)

Note that there is no possibility to create and apply promo codes on State Stubs at the moment. If you wish to offer discounts, this can only be done with the help of ticket variations with different prices. Buyers will have to select their ticket variation while booking their seats and then confirm their discount is applicable at the entrance of the event.

While setting up prices, please take into account that a booking fee is charged by Stage Stubs. The booking fee is charged per ticket and differs based on the location of the buyer. You may see a relevant booking fee on the pricing page after setting up your location on the site.

There is no possibility to hide the booking fee, so you may need to re-calculate your prices if you wish your buyers to pay a specific amount per ticket (e.g. £10.00 per ticket exactly). You may use the calculator on our Pricing page to do that.

It is critical that you provide the most important details at once to make sure that our team completes the work on your seating plan as soon as possible.


Seating Chart Approval

Once our team has finished drawing the seating plan for your event, it is sent back to you for approval. You can see that the status of your event changed on your Dashboard:

You can also see the status change on the My Events page.

Click on the View Seating Plan button to see the chart created by our team based on the image you provided earlier:

The seating chart is displayed for each showing separately, and you need to click on the Accept button on each of them to make sure it applies to all showings.

Under the last showing you will see an option to Accept & Publish the event.


Note that an event cannot be edited after it has been published!

If you see any errors on the chart or need any changes to be done, please click Changes Are Required. Then write a note to our team with a detailed description of the required changes and click Reject & Request Changes.

We will see your notes on our side and make the necessary changes as soon as possible. After that, the seating chart will be sent to you for approval again.