Refund Process

You can create refunds in your Stage Stubs account now!

Go to My Events, click View, then click on the Orders tab.

Select the order you wish to refund and click Create Refund:


Buyers may request their tickets refunded under different circumstances: duplicated orders, wrong tickets selected, someone cannot attend the event, change of plans, weather issues, etc. Although Stage Stubs does not issue refunds directly, we provide an option for buyers to request refunds and for sellers to grant them on our platform.

Open your seller Dashboard on Stage Stubs and go to My Refunds. You will see a list of refund requests submitted by buyers for your events:

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Click View a request. If you have not processed any refunds yet, you may be redirected to the Settings page where you need to enter a payment method that will be used to issue refunds. Here, you need to add a payment card from which all refunds will be paid.

This does not have to be the same card that is used to accept payouts from Stage Stubs.

Once your payment card has been saved you may go back to your refunds and click to view the request again. This time, you will see the information about the order and the note from the buyer who has requested a refund:
Screenshot 2023-08-03 115110
If you agree to issue a refund, please select whether you would like these tickets to become available for sale again, and whether you wish to include a booking fee. Note that Stage Stubs does not refund a booking fee, so this cost will be covered by you.

Select the payment card from which the cost will be transferred and click Refund.

If you do not agree to issue a refund, you can delete a refund request. Or you may wish to contact the buyer directly to verify the information or offer another solution.