Pay Out Process

When your event is ready it is time to think about payouts 😀

On Stage Stubs, payouts are done to your bank account on a daily basis. The system calculates the amount automatically based on the number of sold tickets. The booking fee is paid by the buyer and withdrawn by Stage Stubs at once.

Go to My Balance page on your Dashboard and click "Enable Payouts":

Note that we are only able to start the verification process if there are already orders on our account. Please get in touch regarding receiving payouts when orders have been fully processed, and we can start verification for you to start receiving payouts.

This will send an automatic request to our team and we'll enable payouts for your account shortly.

Any moment you need to check the amount you have earned on Stage Stubs just go to My Balance again:

You can see the payments currently on the way to you, the total amount made and the estimated next pay outs on that page. Also, the table shows the information about each payout already made to your bank account - the amount, status, date of arrival, etc.

In case you ever see the payout status "Failed", it means that Stage Stubs was unable to send money to your bank account. Please contact our Customer Service team to verify your bank account data and resolve the issue!