Learn how to add products to sell along side tickets for your events and how to keep track of orders.

You can create different products that you would like to sell along side your event tickets.

Please Note: Merchandise can only be purchased with a ticket

From your dashboard click View Event, or go to My Events and click View.

On the event page, you will find the Merchandise section:

Here you will be able to create your products. We have some pre saved options or you can click 'Create Merchandise' to make your own. 

When creating a product for sale there are options to give the item a name, description and a price. There is also an option for stock management.

You can also add an image to the product and allow customers to add notes to the order.

After you are done creating hit 'Save'

After you create your product it can be found under  'Merchandise'. You have the option to Delete and Edit the product here. 
You will also be able to keep track of sales on merchandise under 'Order Items'. You can also find order details under Orders, this will show the ticket and merchandise purchases.

Please note that sales for merchandise are non refundable on Stage Stubs. 

When customers go to download their tickets they will have the option for 'download receipt' which is the customers tickets and their orders. Or they have the option to 'download tickets' which is just the customers tickets.