How To Make Seats Unavailable

If you are selling tickets for an event with an allocated seating plan, you have a possibility to make specific seats unavailable for purchase. This can be used to reserve seats for family, performers, or to make sure no one books a seat that is going to be used to place equipment etc.

On your seller Dashboard click My Events. Then click on your event and you will be redirected to the General Information page. Scroll down to Showings and click View on the date you wish to mark seats unavailable.


On the Showing page, go to the Availability tab:


You will see your current seating plan for this event with the seats marked as purchased and available for the current showing.

Select seats

Select the seats that you would like to be unavailable for sale and save the settings.

Note that this only affects the current showing. If you need to make seats unavailable on other showings, please go back to the event page, click to view another showing and repeat the process.

You can make these seats available for sale at any time by going to the same page, unselecting them on the seating plan and saving the changes on the page.