Editing a Published Event

After your event has been published, it is still possible to edit some of its information in your Stage Stubs account.

Go to My Events and click View next to the event that you need to edit:
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There, you can see what information about your event you can update:

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  • You can upload a new Cover Image
  • You can change the name of your event
  • You can update the description
  • You can also change the release time for upcoming events
  • And you can set the password protection for your event if necessary

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At the bottom of the page, you can see the list of showings - dates and times when all shows take place. You can update these, too, if required.

Click View next to the showing that you need to update and you will see the information about that showing:

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You can update the date and time of your showing as well as the date and time when the ticket sale starts and closes.

If your event does not have an allocated seating plan you can change the ticket price and quantity on the Availability tab for each showing. You can also set some tickets as unavailable (reserved) if necessary:

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If your event has an allocated seating plan, you can see your chart on the Availability tab and mark specific seats as unavailable there.

You cannot change the number of seats/tickets or prices after a seating plan has been approved and the event published.

Please remember to save the settings after making any changes in your published event!