Download a Blank Ticket

You can download a blank ticket for your event if you wish to give out free tickets to your friends, family, or special guests.

Blank tickets are not assigned to any seats and cannot be scanned with the Stage Stubs Scanning App. But you may put the seat number and guest's information onto such tickets manually and print them out.

In order to make sure that seats are reserved and will not be purchased by someone else, please mark the corresponding seat numbers as unavailable on your seating plan.

Learn how to make seats unavailable here.

In order to download a blank ticket, please go to My Events page and click on the View button to open the event settings. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the View button next to the showing time for which you need to download a blank ticket:

select tickets (1)

Next, go to the Tickets tab on the showing page and click Download Blank Ticket:

select tickets (2)

The PDF file will be downloaded to your computer. It looks like this:

Screenshot 2023-08-03 135328

The ticket contains the information about the event date and location only.

You may use a PDF editor tool to add the information onto that ticket or just print it out as is and add the necessary information in writing.