Adding More Seats To An Active Show

You can add more seats to a General Admission event in your Stage Stubs account.

Please go to My Events and click View on the event that you need to update.

select tickets (1)

Scroll down to the list of showings and click View next to the showing that you wish to update.
On the General Information page for the showing, click Update in the Tickets block:

select tickets (7)

There, you can update the number of tickets available for sale as well as ticket variations:

Screenshot 2023-08-04 102216

Please remember to click Save to apply your changes!

If your event has an allocated seating plan, there is no possibility to add more seats to it.

The number of seats on a seating plan is fixed and cannot be updated after an event has been published.

There are only 2 options that you may use if you need to sell more tickets for an event with an allocated seating plan:

  • Create an additional event on Stage Stubs for the same time and location as the original event and put the additional rows/seats on the seating plan in that event.
  • Cancel the original event and create a new one with an updated seating plan. This works best if no orders have been made for this event yet. If there are orders, you may either refund them and ask the buyers to re-purchase tickets, or mark already sold seats as unavailable for sale on the new seating plan and inform the buyers that they can still use their tickets.